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Mindset Wars

Let’s talk about mindset, specifically, two seemingly dichotomic mindsets that we must learn to balance in life. The first is a minimalist mindset, or one that seeks to get through the checklist, put in the 8 hours, meet the requirements, and move on. The second is more of the “over-achiever”, going above and beyond, taking …

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Keep It Simple, Cut The Shortcuts

I’d like to think this article isn’t just another article scolding you for being too busy and telling you to simplify your life…but maybe it is? One of the many lessons that the gym has taught me is that, more often than not, simplicity works. Setting your goals, focusing on main exercises, planning a basic schedule, tracking your workouts, following progressive overload, being patient – it’s …

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Be Alpha Like Jesus

What does it mean to be Alpha? Most people would say that it involves leadership and confidence; Alphas have a certain presence about them and they can control the room. I would agree. But how an Alpha gains respect and how one uses this influence makes a world of difference. A quick Google Search of the term “alpha male” …

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