20 Lessons For My Son

There a million things to teach your kids. So I figured I’d start a list of things that I personally want to pass on to my son and any siblings he may have. Is this overdone? Eh maybe. Nonetheless:

  1. Never stop pursuing your dream job. You may not get it right out of school, you might have to work at a job you hate, and you’re going to have to work hard, but it’s more possible than ever to make a career out of something you love.
  2. It’s OK to show emotion; in fact, it’s healthy. But always base your arguments on principles, NOT emotions.
  3. Never be afraid to question and challenge; that’s how we grow and improve; but ALWAYS do so with respect.
  4. Stand by your convictions, but have an open mind; it’s possible to do both.
  5. “You have two ears but only one mouth”; LISTEN more.
  6. If you want to look fancy wear a suit; if you want to be respected, be sincere.
  7. Learn how to respectfully disagree; it’s a lost art.
  8. Learn not to sweat the small stuff; there’s enough to worry about already.
  9. Always give others the benefit of the doubt; you will avoid so much drama when you don’t jump to conclusions.
  10. On the same token, don’t trash them behind their back; gossip does more harm than you think.
  11. Find some form of physical activity that you enjoy and stick with it.
  12. Technology is not bad, and it’s becoming more and more a part of our lives. HOW you use it is what’s important.
  13. Just because you want it doesn’t mean you should have it; but just because you want it doesn’t mean it’s wrong either.
  14. Don’t apologize if you weren’t wrong; apologize immediately and sincerely if you were.
  15. You cannot make it alone; if you want to succeed in life, you must learn how to ask for help.
  16. Love may start as a feeling, but it continues through a choice.
  17. Strive to be an optimistic realist, or a realistic optimist; see the glass as half-full, but recognize there is room for more.
  18. Surround yourself with other positive people; negativity will not breed success.
  19. At some point in your life, you will have the opportunity to lead; do so through service.
  20. True peace cannot be found without God.

There’s plenty more where that came from, so stay tuned!

What would you add?

Joseph Strada

Joseph Strada

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